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The Chinese character 才 "cai" means "talent".

Our TALENT Program offers weekly artsportsmusic, and dance classes for migrant students, as well as teacher training for migrant and rural teachers.  We believe that talent lies within every child, and these classes are designed to bring out that talent.  These extracurriculars not only aid in the development of positive self-images, but they also challenge students to work with each other and to hone their communication skills.

In the TALENT Program, ABC focuses on instilling life values through these extracurricular classes.  The four values that we focus on are called the 4 C's; they are Confidence, Courage, Commitment and Care. 

  • Confidence: "I can do anything."
  • Courage: "I am not afraid to try."
  • Commitment: "I will keep trying."
  • Care: "I respect others, and I respect myself."