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The Chinese characters 梦想 "mengxiang" mean "dream". 


The Basics

DREAM Program aims to help orphans in China by providing them with loving homes as well as offering them a practical education.  The Dream Program consists of two separate programs: one is the long-term foster home in Qiqihar, and the other is the one-year education program in Beijing.  The former focuses on providing the children with a loving home and stable family environment, while the latter emphasizes life skills, English, Mandarin, and computer education, thereby preparing them for successful transition into society.


The Mission

The mission of the DREAM Program is to lead the participants onto the pathway to independence.  ABC helps the children and students to build a healthy mindset, practice good living habits, acquire useful work skills and fit into the community and society.  ABC equips our students with the tools that would ordinarily be provided by parents - tools that are necessary for independence.


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